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My Journal Routine

Journaling routine to manifest

Hey Babes! Yesterday, I shared my journaling routine on Instagram live and wanted to share here 💜

Feel free to check out the replay here

Journaling is an amazing way to clear our thoughts from the day, release stress, get clarity, process hurts and heal.

I’m truly a #journaljunkie and love to collect journals! I have them all over my office and the rest of the house 😆

I start my day with journaling and end my day with journaling. Right when you wake up and just before bedtime are amazing times to set intentions and manifest your dreams.

🌸I start with writing down 5 things I’m grateful for
🌸Then I go on to release anything that’s worrying or bothering me
🌸From there I do some scripting: writing about my best life experience as if it’s in the now

Hope this has blessed someone! What’s your fave journal routine? 

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