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5 Content Planning Tips for Boss Babes - Content Planning Strategy

Journals and workbooks for boss babes

Hey Planner Babes!

Wanted to drop in with 5 quick tips to help you with your content planning.

I literally used to sit for hours every single weekend pulling my hair out over planning my content for the next week.

I missed out on time with my kids and family because this task was just so time consuming.

Over the years, I tweaked and tweaked my content plan until I could come up with a plan that allows me the time freedom I love!

Here are just a few tips to help you boss out your content plan:

Boss Your Content in 5 Steps: 🌺

1. Research what your audience wants and needs
2. Make a list of the types of content you will post
3. Create a post schedule based on your engagement & peak times
4. Use a project management tool like Asana or Trello
5. Select an automation tool like SocialBee, Planoly, MeetEdgar or Later 💪🏽

Hope these tips will be of help to you. How are you coming along with your content plan? We’d love to hear!

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Talk soon xoxo